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The Big Shift – Virtual is Here to Stay

A few weeks ago, I wrote a piece about the Tools of The Trade.  In it, I explain computer/peripheral hardware testing and the various software interfaces we have evaluated and (ultimately) adopted as a company.  I strongly believe that focused, productive employees are happy employees. Just as a physical workspace (office) influences culture and happiness, so does tech.  As Google announced yesterday, their employees can now work remote until July 2021.  It takes an incredible amount of back-end to make that work, and it is clearly here to stay.  Orion Growth’s sole focus since the Covid shut down has been researching and supporting remote work.

As Certified Microsoft Solutions Providers, Orion is constantly researching new virtual applications that help companies collaborate, share, and store information within a secure environment.  We are integrating building controls and distilling meaningful data to help tenants, owners, and landlords make more informed decisions.  We are rethinking how to deploy fully remote-managed offices while incorporating clear and concise methods of communication to workers.  We are limiting occupancy count and automating thermal sensors at controlled entry points for social distancing objectives.   This thinking transcends office planning and is becoming more and more vital for landlords and tenants alike. 

Remote-managed solutions are here to stay.  It’s time for the smartest of companies to be familiarizing themselves with terms like Application Programming Interface (API) Software Development Kit (SDK) and providers such as GitLab and GitHub.  Basic programming around interfaces that help elevate workplace data such as real time occupancy, network settings, proximity information as well as environmental conditions such as air quality, temperature, and the security of the premise are the remote norms of the future.  The tech is here – now it’s just a matter of defining the information the organization is looking to distill and establishing the interface to collect that data.  Workplace solutions have gone virtual, and we’re embracing those changes.

Our new models for future office uses are compelling.  Truth is that future tenancy is only as flexible as its most limiting solution.  Remote managed, open source integrations offer the most compelling evidence of what is possible.   Landlords and tenants alike have a whole new frontier in front of them.  At Orion Growth, we are embracing this change and remain excited about this fundamental shift in commercial real estate.

Chris Moeller is the Owner and Managing Principal of Orion Growth, a division of Gaia Ventures. Orion Growth is restoring the human connection by fundamentally changing the way workspace is delivered.  For more information on Orion Growth, please visit

Photo by Pontus Wellgraf on Unsplash