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Working: Less About More, More About Better.

Effective today, Orion Growth is instituting 'Work On Home' Fridays. Sometimes the best gift is the gift of time.
Orion Growth Implements Work ON Home Program

Effective immediately, Friday is now ‘work-ON-home’ day at Orion Growth.  #FoundationFriday

The Canadian government released a public service announcement back in April about staying productive while working remote.  It is a simple, yet incredibly refreshing notion that a government-issued PSA about general mental health was important enough to broadcast to the people.  Sure, it’s about staying productive, but it’s really all about staying healthy so you can present your best critical thinking while at work.  This week, I’m taking this concept and I’m running with it.

Work-On-Home is simple.  It means scheduling a day-date with your spouse, learning a new video game with your child, or taking a walk with your mom.  It means MAKING the time to help your neighbor or signing up to be a big-brother / big sister.  It’s about pursuing other community and civic-related activities. Time and time again, I’ve heard the excuse there’s not enough time in the day.  At Orion Growth, there is.  In return, all I ask is that time spent restores the human connection.  It’s the simple gift of time.

Our company credo states (in part): ‘we are restoring the human connection by leading companies to work differently.’  I find it incredibly difficult to lead by following everyone else’s actions.  We are all grasping for guidance and looking to different sources for answers to the unknown.   Suddenly, the unknown is so scary in America.  What if we just show up to work refreshed, regenerated, and fulfilled from the weekend?  What if we forgot about a ‘regular work week’ and simply put our best work together because we are full of energy, focus, and commitment? What if we could help to solve our client’s problems, completely and efficiently? What if we engaged our fellow co-workers by being present in our discussions and relating to the challenges they are faced with?  If we all do this every week – Monday through Thursday – maybe we’ll be work-exhausted by Friday, whereby we turn our attention that WHOLE DAY to work on home?  Show up, work hard, and give back…. it’s actually all very possible.

So, we’re doing this for a while.  We’ve committed to #FoundationFriday for the next two months.  We have so many things we would like to explore.  Our families need us, our community needs us, and frankly we need us.  I’ll let you know how it goes – and I encourage you to try the same!

Chris Moeller is the Owner and Managing Principal of Orion Growth, a division of Gaia Ventures. Orion Growth is restoring the human connection by fundamentally changing the way workspace is delivered.  For more information on Orion Growth, please visit

Photo by Morgan David de Lossy on Unsplash