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The Applied R+D team at Foster+Partners.

Where decisions get made

The building blocks for institutional digital asset trading

Ethereum Whitepaper

Creative Technologist & Product Management Leader

Lead your team into the woods….


Center for Artificial Intelligence in Business Analytics and Financial Technology

An ecosystem of founders and funders of profitable, sustainable, calm businesses

rhizome r&d | Kasey Klimes | Substack

Play Bigger Category Design

TeamOps: Optimizing Team Efficiency | GitLab

Remote Playbook (

Participate — Purposeful Intent (


Head of Remote Resources

WorkTripp | Create High-Impact Team Offsites

Home – National Collaborative for Digital Equity

Sharing Cities Alliance

Our Research | McKinsey Global Institute | McKinsey & Company

The-results-are-in-The-UKs-four-day-week-pilot.pdf (

River Rose | A retreat experience like no other

Remote Team Engagement for Virtual Events | Bridgio

New Public – For Better Digital Public Spaces

Measuring your employee experience – Leesman

StartWell Magazine | Coworking Blog