We are restoring the human connection by leading companies towards the opportunity to work differently. We focus on utilization, workflow, and technology by deploying a repeatable kit of parts across the portfolio. To Orion, this means:

Creating predictability around timelines and budgets.
Reducing enterprise OpEx.
Centralizing technology platforms and streamlining the physical and virtual UX/UI.
Providing scalability and modularity in both planned and virtual environments.

We are a “learning company” that believes there is no substitute for experience.

Every project brings a unique set of circumstances that require our teams to think differently.   Inside our office you will recognize a new furniture layout one week, followed by a new piece of technology the next.  Our virtual office is constantly changing – tweaking for the sake of innovation and constantly rising to the challenge of working differently.

Working at Orion means using collaboration tools, webcams, wireless screen sharing, mobile file cabinets with hot seats, charging stations and taking advantage of noise cancelling microphones and high def conference video.  Off-the-shelf workplace solutions don’t live in our client programs without first being put through everyday tasks by our extraordinary teams.

Consulting team

Process Planning
Enterprise Procurement
Workplace Programming
Workplace Design

Delivery Team

Construction Project Management
Forward Deployment & Move Management
Order Entry

virtual workplace team

Enterprise Systems Administration
(A/V, Access Control)
Desktop Deployment
Data Circuit Delivery