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Calling on Creatives.

Who is ready to get creative?  Over the past few months, I have been trying to figure out how to use my creativity.  As most of the world continues to “work from remote”, it brings me to think into what the future of our workplace is going to look like.  We, at Orion, have been discussing that we think that this year has led us to a ‘new movement’ in the world of workplace design. 

This notion of a movement spurs the idea of how everyone really works. 

-Do you work by yourself? 

-Do you collaborate with others? 

-Do you sit at a desk? 

-Do you move throughout the day? 

-What helps you to be productive? 

-What are your objectives for being productive? 

-What is expected of you?

I think we are starting to realize that people thrive in very different ways.  Not all people need to sit in an office at a desk with others around them.  Some people need that.  Not all people need to sit in a coffee shop with the hustle & bustle to get their mind activated.  Some people need that.  So, why in the world would we not simply give them the option?  Why would we not create a workplace culture that gives opportunity for workers to select what works best for them?

With this in mind, we want to see how this ‘movement’ places people in different types of work settings. 

So, now we are calling on you to be creative and rise to the challenge.  We look forward to your submittals.  The prize will make you very happy in your home ‘work setting’. 

The link is here:

OG-Design Contest

Send your ideas & designs to by October 1, 2020.