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Workplace Design
Office Relocation
Office Furniture Procurement
Construction Project Management Services
Installation of Security Systems
Ergonomics Consultation
Workplace Automation Consultation
Computer Hardware & Communications Design
Software-as-a-Service / Hosting

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  • ...synthesis June 7, 2023
    ...synthesis – Orion Growth Bio, Photo, Chemical, Data, Cognitive - overall, synthesis involves the merging or integration of separate entities or ideas to create something new, cohesive, or comprehensive. It is a fundamental process in many disciplines and plays a crucial role in innovation, problem-solving, and creative endeavors. Synthesis becomes evident after recognizing disparate elements. […]
    Orion Growth
  • A Thank You Note to GenZ May 25, 2023
    A Thank You Note to GenZ – Orion Growth Dear GenZ, Read the full entry
    Orion Growth
  • ThoughtTech April 28, 2023
    ThoughtTech – Orion Growth This entry is dedicated to Gordon Earle Moore (January 3, 1929 - March 24, 2023) Gordon Moore was an American businessman, engineer, and co-founder of Intel Corporation. His contributions to chemistry and computer science changed the world and fueled the information revolution. Read the full entry
    Orion Growth
  • Category Creation April 24, 2023
    Category Creation – Orion Growth Market disruptions and economic uncertainties offer fertile ground for category creation. These conditions generally allow creativity and innovation, the nutrients required for deep thought and research beyond the headlines. That’s exactly where we are in the recovery continuum today. Read the full entry
    Orion Growth
  • Tinkering April 7, 2023
    Tinkering – Orion Growth Lately, we’ve been doing a ton of it. I guess that’s what happens when you have one foot in traditional tech (because that’s where the world is) and one foot in immerging tech (because that’s where the world is going). Our current tinker projects are things that didn’t exist three years […]
    Orion Growth
  • On the edge... March 31, 2023
    On the edge... – Orion Growth There’s a medical term called hypervigilance. The definition is a state of heightened alertness accompanied by behavior that aims to prevent danger. It’s a condition that is of concern to one’s mental health if it progresses. Read the full entry
    Orion Growth
  • Post-Traumatic Growth March 21, 2023
    Post-Traumatic Growth – Orion Growth Seems like the lines are being drawn. Words like mandate, force, back, lure and return seem to be amplified across multiple channels. We interface with a lot of different lines of business and we welcome opposing views on topics of concern. In fact, a lot of our effectiveness is related […]
    Orion Growth
  • 1095 Days March 13, 2023
    1095 Days – Orion Growth March 13, 2020. It was a Friday. Our kids were at school, and I was in a zoom meeting with a client from Missouri. Three weeks earlier, the first confirmed US case of Covid-19 was made public in Snohomish County, Washington. I was in the room when that call came […]
    Orion Growth
  • Connection February 27, 2023
    Connection – Orion Growth Funny that word. Connection. It brings up emotions and helps us communicate a feeling or a sense of being together. Connection quality varies. There are people we connect with on a very tangential level, then there are deeper, more meaningful connections. There are personal connections, professional connections, and technological connections. The […]
    Orion Growth
  • Writers February 20, 2023
    Writers – Orion Growth The reposted articles, questionable data graphs, and disparate discussions surrounding return-to-work have turned me cranky. It could be the pollen, too. Read the full entry
    Orion Growth
  • rEI February 17, 2023
    rEI – Orion Growth The 3am wake-up thoughts are the best. Sure, they’re disruptive to sleep quality but neural correlates of Eureka moments are GIFTS to entrepreneurs. They are the output generated from all the input - and they’re not restricted to showing up between 9am - 5pm M-F. Lately, it’s been an output buffet, […]
    Orion Growth
  • Workwars February 8, 2023
    Workwars – Orion Growth It started with a declaration of war on the office. Nobody asked for it, but everyone wanted it. Freedom. Freedom to get the work done that needed to be done in a way in which was chosen by the individual contributor, aka the employee. The employees, armed with productivity statistics, dug […]
    Orion Growth