Executive Summary

Orion works side by side with executive management to establish your requirements, avoid costs, mitigate risk, and reduce the time to market. By creating scalable solutions, Orion standardizes the real estate and procurement requirements and builds a repeatable ‘kit-of-parts’ to deploy across any geographical location. This process streamlines procurement, offers cost predictability, and reduces unnecessary expenses while delivering on-time space. To Orion, this is Efficient. Strategic. Growth.



Tailored Services

Efficiency Audits and Planning Analysis | Economic Incentives | Growth Strategies | Value Engineering National Procurement Agreements | Furniture Specification | Modularity | Scalability Planning Real Estate Discovery | Establishment of Standards | Requests For Proposals | Scalable Platforms General Contractor Selection | Comprehensive Program Management | Compliance

  • Testimonials

    Orion is a strategic partner. It’s paramount to know we have an unbiased partnership with the technical expertise to fulfill our CRE requirements. Their approach at cost avoidance and finding the most efficient and flexible space has proven to be very valuable.

    D. Reed
    Chief Executive Officer

  • I really enjoy working with Orion Growth.  They have excellent ideas for efficiency and provide a thorough understanding of the overall workflow, construction, and procurement processes.  They really hit it out of the park for us.

    N. Johnson
    Director Corporate Services & Security